Best served regional cuisine

Although a small village...

having merely three households surrounded by Wild Animals Park, it seems as if taken out of times altogether different, when humans lived in accordance with nature. Have you been searching for a magical place? Here is a chance of finding one!


The Inn

“Oberża pod Psem” offers regional cuisine ever since 1999. We are trying to popularize “nonfast” gastronomical culture of “slow food”. The inn’s cuisine is based on local and ecological products of homegrown nature, both it’s own and those of neighboring establishments. One can only eat here what the hosts – Danuta and Krzysztof Worobiec – enjoy themselves: bread on a sourdough baked in a traditional wood-fired oven, pork or wild boar’s ham smoked in what is called a “black kitchen”, vegetables straight from the yard, eggs collected from “happy” hens, jam prepared during long, fall evenings on traditional stove lids. Delicious Masurian cow, sheep and goat cheese comes from friendly neighboring farms.


Live in Kadzidłowo

You can stay for a night or an entire year in the Oberża pod Psem. There is a possibility of renting a room or the entire house for a larger number of people. The rooms, naturally, are equipped with bathrooms. Guests are welcome to use great stretches of surrounding space (the parcel has an area of 1 ha) and what is known as “bajnia”, that is a traditional steam sauna (heating of which is charged extra).



“Oberża pod Psem” is but one of many elements constituting the – founded by Danuta and Krzysztof Worobiec – “Cultural Settlement in Kadzidłowo”, which, because of it’s “high scientific, historical, aesthetical and scenic value” was entered into the national registry of historical monuments by the voivodship’s Historical Monuments Conservator in Olsztyn as “one of it’s kind in terms of scale wooden architecture object in our voivodship” The Inn is located in a wooden, almost a hundred year old antique building and, in the settlement outside the inn, there is the “Masurian XIX c. Hut” museum, as well as guests room. The settlement is currently made up of six wooden buildings transported here from the southern regions of Masuria and the Masuria-Kurpie border.



As an addition to the culinary offer, there are the Luna Doro wines imported from a “befriended” quaint vineyard near Montepulciano, Tuscany. We are the only importers in the country who offer these wines, distinguished on the Italian market.



Are you interested in canoeing rallies down Krutynia? We are separated only by a few kilometres from this beautiful river. Bike trips, horse-riding, river or lake swimming, walks through the forest? All that is within a hand’s reach. Even the motorized can also find interesting trip propositions. The inn’s hosts will help you, if needed.



The Inn


The Settlement







Kadzidłowo Region


Tuscan Wine


Oberża Pod Psem

Danuta i Krzysztof Worobiec

Kadzidłowo 1, 12-210 Ruciane-Nida

Open throughout the year,

between 9 a.m and 8 p.m.


tel. +48 87 425 74 74

kom. +48 601 094 641

Bank account: Krzysztof Worobiec


IBAN number:

PL 12 1020 4753 0000 0602 0014 7652

Museum open between 10 a.m and 6 p.m.

Sightseeing only with a guide.

Tickets: 10 PLN (6 PLN for children).

Groups of more than 12 only after

phone consultation.